JDA is writing poetry in his head all the time. Rarely does it meet paper. Though, with some encouragement, he’s starting to jot it down.

JDA would be the first to say he’s a luddite. So, he’s engaged the assistance of a lesser luddite to help him put his writing on the internet.

Many years ago, JDA was accepted into Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. He passed up the offer because he had a wife and an infant daughter. He worked as a carpenter and construction foreman even after later acquiring an advanced degree in hospital administration.

An avid reader since childhood, JDA has a literary mind. Conversationally, he will quote long passages from Yeats and other poets as well as Jack London, F. Scott Fitzgerald and many more favorite authors – adding enlightening gems of inspiration that remain contemporary when used in his weave of thought about today’s world.

Enjoy his poetry and shout out a “like” or comment when you are moved to do so.