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The Soul
by JDA

Humankind exists between the
Apes and the Angels
And are envied by both.

[image: Vitruvian Man by Leonardo Di Vinci]


Mary Magdalene kneeling befor Christ

by JDA

Was He waiting for Magdalene or
was she waiting for Him?
It was all prophesied.
Even their love?
Love transcends prophesy.
What happened at Peter’s home?
She washed His feet with her perfumed hair.
Had I been there
I would have lifted her up
saying, “Don’t do that to
yourself!” explaining that no one
was worth that debasement.

But women see things, know
things, do things that are
beyond my comprehension.
And so it happened with or without

[image note: Filippino Lippi – Kneeling Saint Mary Magdalene and Standing Christ (creative commons)]

reflection on a pond of bare, dark branches of trees
by JDA

Her head was filled with darkly mean things
and all the petty evil they bring
like half a being, partly shadow and partly, softly real
Blank-faced, empty-eyed in search of
a spiritual meal

Why the compassion for this terribly
lost one?
When a sensible person would turn,
moan quietly, and run

Did I write, “like half a being”?
And how would I notice that,
And all the other things as I sat?

You know don’t you? It was you and me I
was sorrowing for.
There is no her, just projections from a
lonesome mind…..No, it was her. And
she was more honest than I.

(image above used with permission – copyrighted anonymously)

beautiful yellow and white flower
by JDA

Monkeys in shadowland
believing Darwin though wrong, right
Sitting mesmerized by the shining plasma box
stuck in the lowest common denominators of
sex & violence produced by Morlocks

Some, turning with vague unease gaze
backwards toward the cave mouth
and see blue skies, flocks of swans flying
by ancient trees

Terrified by something so real and
beautifully true
they turn back to the counterfeit
safety of the box, while the skies begin
to weep soft silver dew.

(image above used with permission – copyrighted anonymously)

Ferris wheel at Treasure Island Music Festival (creative commons)

by JDA

In order to understand the world you cannot be part of it.

The nape of a woman’s neck, though beautiful, is not the full of her.

The need to know, to understand the wholeness of things,

moves you backwards for clarity and definition.

Her soft hand gesture, a tree bending in November wind

as scudding dark clouds shred the sky,

another step backwards and half-turn to the right,

the ferris wheel rotates in multicolored brilliance

as tired children blow little, red, plastic horns in musical accompaniment.

Step backwards and look skyward through sausage and pepper steam

and a tiny star looks down on you quietly, maternally

a temporary mooring for your lonely boat.

[image note: Ferris wheel at Treasure Island Music Festival (creative commons)]

water flowing in a stream of pebbles

by JDA

Thoughts, once his, became theirs
pure water pushed through mud
now tainted and dirty
the water flowed on
through and over smooth stones
shedding the sullen particles of nature’s dark sister
then emerging clean and sparkling in perfect sunlight

Further in time, or in another world, the purity still alone
danced with leaden feet
to a sad whispering lament
while keening spirits shrieked their regret

(image above used with permission – copyrighted anonymously)

by JDA

Of fireflies and falling stars
Of things that aren’t and
Things that are

feng-shui-arthur-C-Los Angeles-CA
The Only Thing
by JDA

The only thing that stays
the same
Is that everything changes.
Men make plans
God rearranges.
War is man’s temper tantrum
against His feng shui.
Another gigantic tree is cut,
twists and collapses in the
rain forest.
Eboli anyone?
Men make plans
God rearranges.
The only thing that stays the same
is that everything changes.

Note about image above:
Description=A spiral in Chinatown. Los Angeles, CA, USA. Source Date=April 2006 |Author=Arnold C