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black and white photo of bicycle on its side on a lawn

Tough Truth
by JDA

There is a hollow spot where my heart once was
Too much grief, loss and loneliness is just part of the cause.
I’m not sure I wanted one.
Sometime, way back, I must have chosen to let it go.
A passive counterattack.
I recall looking at the hurt in peoples’
faces and never wanting to be in
their places.
Someone being blatantly cruel to a gentle one.
Like a dark cloud over a golden sun.
And I could feel it.
The ache, the bewilderment in their soul.
So…I just shut down somehow,
never wanting to pay that toll.

Ah, I know I’m lying
I feel it all, all the time
And my heart, which is of course here
pretends it isn’t dying.

(image above used with permission – copyrighted anonymously)


water flowing in a stream of pebbles

by JDA

Thoughts, once his, became theirs
pure water pushed through mud
now tainted and dirty
the water flowed on
through and over smooth stones
shedding the sullen particles of nature’s dark sister
then emerging clean and sparkling in perfect sunlight

Further in time, or in another world, the purity still alone
danced with leaden feet
to a sad whispering lament
while keening spirits shrieked their regret

(image above used with permission – copyrighted anonymously)

Photo by Jeff Widener, June 4, 1989. Used here as Fair Use for commentary and scholarship.

AP photo by Jeff Widener, June 4, 1989, Tiananmen Square. Used here as Fair Use for commentary and scholarship.

by JDA

Dancing with tanks in Tiananmen Square
with no thought of thanks,
though millions saw him there.
The man…the man disappeared
into the mists of time.
He was as graceful as Nureyev
yet much more sublime.

Why did he do it?
Why do we not?
Challenge dark forces and
their soulless onslaught.
His divine spark burned
brightly that day.
Was it the dancer’s own grace
or God’s that moved him that way?