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The Con
by JDA

“Curious thing,” he said.
“I began missing you the
moment I met you.
I know that I’m talking
to you now,
but it’s as if I’m talking
to a memory.
I can see your hair, your face,
your eyes.
But you don’t exist.”
Sometimes I wake at night
and my heart aches.

Note: see Musim Kata for more about image above.



by JDA

The tallest dandelion
longed for that meander
of wind, or fate
to save him from the
scythe’s vicious arc.
Presently, a darkly tatooed
soft-winged moth
alit on his spore-filled
gently bending him to safety.

(image above used with permission – copyrighted anonymously)

Photo by Jeff Widener, June 4, 1989. Used here as Fair Use for commentary and scholarship.

AP photo by Jeff Widener, June 4, 1989, Tiananmen Square. Used here as Fair Use for commentary and scholarship.

by JDA

Dancing with tanks in Tiananmen Square
with no thought of thanks,
though millions saw him there.
The man…the man disappeared
into the mists of time.
He was as graceful as Nureyev
yet much more sublime.

Why did he do it?
Why do we not?
Challenge dark forces and
their soulless onslaught.
His divine spark burned
brightly that day.
Was it the dancer’s own grace
or God’s that moved him that way?