black and white photo of bicycle on its side on a lawn

Tough Truth
by JDA

There is a hollow spot where my heart once was
Too much grief, loss and loneliness is just part of the cause.
I’m not sure I wanted one.
Sometime, way back, I must have chosen to let it go.
A passive counterattack.
I recall looking at the hurt in peoples’
faces and never wanting to be in
their places.
Someone being blatantly cruel to a gentle one.
Like a dark cloud over a golden sun.
And I could feel it.
The ache, the bewilderment in their soul.
So…I just shut down somehow,
never wanting to pay that toll.

Ah, I know I’m lying
I feel it all, all the time
And my heart, which is of course here
pretends it isn’t dying.

(image above used with permission – copyrighted anonymously)